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Do 92% of Autistic People Who Menstruate Have PMDD?

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Did ADHD Colonize America?

ADHD 2.0: The Feel-Good Re-Brand

The Capitalist Origins of #Manifestation

On The Performance of Diversity in Queer Shows and My Horror Binge, Ranked

Can Therapy Apps Make Your Neurons Grow?

Informed Consent Isn't Pill-Shaming Or Moral Panicking

Is It Executive Dysfunction or Am I Just Really Tired??

Be Careful Calling 988

Trans Madness Is For Anybody

Would you still have ADHD without capitalism?

Monetizing ADHD, Misfitting, and Monsters

Let's Get Fucked Up and Live

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The Social Stress of IBS

It's Good To Be Obsessed

Can You Get Your Dopamine Tested?

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It's My Birthday and I'll Post About Plants If I Want To

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Brain Wave NFTs 4 Capitalism

Can The DSM Give Our Lives Meaning?

How To Sell Lexapro on Instagram

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Elon Musk Doesn't Care About Your Neurorights

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I have a backyard full of flowers now

Sad Kids Need More Than Woebots

Can 23andMe Tell If You Have ADHD?

Move Over Doctors, Robots Will Be Diagnosing the Mental Disorders Now

Needing Each Other is Human

Brain Worms, Hacking the Divine, and Psychoanalysis

What Is a Working Memory?

New Disorders Just Dropped

ADHD-as-identity vs ADHD-as-disorder

Cerebral got investigated

Are We All Numb Little Bugs?

perfectionism, microjournaling, & categories of the self

Rhythmanalyzing ADHD

Focusmate is weird

Russell Barkley Coined a New Term

The Game is Rigged

microstates, prescription video games, rivers full of drugs

Thermodynamics Says Disorder is Natural

Store-Bought Neurotransmitters are Not Fine

Undiagnosing, The Algorithmic Self, Psychiatry Drama

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