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Paying Attention at The National ADHD Workshop

November Book Club Audio Round-up: Restoring the Kinship Worldview

Brain Glitching Under The Neurotypical Gaze

"You Cannot Arrest the Poetry"

Metamodern Multimedia Infodumping

The Amphetamine Ouroboros

November Book Discussion: Restoring the Kinship Worldview

Listening to Trickster

What Does Disability Justice Mean in Gaza?

November Book Club: Restoring the Kinship Worldview

can we create a book club for people who don't finish books?

Songs for Dopamine

For When You Don't Know What You're Doing

4 Books I Grazed This Month

Who's Afraid of Fake Dopamine?

Creating New Climate Stories with Sarah Lewis

On The Small Things Where Hope Lives

Workplace Dopamine Training Is The New Pizza Party

Andrew Huberman's Light Lore

Getting to Know Rot with Cassandra Marketos

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"We Dope Ourselves Hardcore On Those Four Chems"

Demand Avoidance Is Autistic History

Art vs The DSM with Micha Frazer-Carroll

Nothing Went As Planned, But Everything Is Beautiful!

The Myth-Making of Dopamine Nation

Do Stimulants Work If You Don't Have ADHD?

"Everything Rots," Thank God

Making Friends with The Fear

The Ice Man Swimmeth

a spectre is haunting the light sensor

No Fap Nation

Me and Orwell's Roses

On Making Art Work

Are all the youths doing prescription meth now??

Dopamine: The Self-Improvement Mythos Of Our Age

Debunk W/ Me: Does Mania Cause Brain Damage?

Is it Springtime Mania or Is Clock Time a Lie?

Open Thread / Come Say Hi!

The False Consciousness of ADHD

Every Time I Get Scared About AI, I Just Try A New AI Tool That Sucks So Hard

The DEA Wants to Make Stimulants Harder To Get Again

More Notes on the Adderall Not Adderalling

It's Not "ADHD Fakers" Taking All the Adderall

The Gays Invented Horror, Honey

"She Is a Queer Teacher"

Are Your Professional Amphetamines Working?

The First Annual Garden Failure Round-Up

Time-Lapse Blues

Compost Conspiracies and The Fear of DIY

Who Gets to Medicate Me?

Does Adderall Prevent Car Crashes?

The Real Difference Between Adderall and Meth

Why is Everyone Online Autistic Now?

I Can Do All Things Through Omnipotential Which Strengthens Me