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Nov 1, 2023·edited Nov 1, 2023Liked by Jesse Meadows

As some one diagnosed with adult adhd you triggered a couple revelations: 1. my 70+ year old father invariably gets up and paces a room when he visits me, and has bounced a leg all my life. 2. in regards to staying up all night and sleeping until the afternoon. I have done that all my life, as a child I would literally fall asleep one hour before I needed to wake up to catch the bus for school. I just thought that was because I am a night owl. I was born in 1968 and even though my brother was diagnosed with adhd as a child (he was born in 1971) I wasn't until adulthood. As a female, I often wonder if the different ways each gender deals with the issue meant I was totally overlooked and not diagnosed until I read up and self advocated.

Thank you for writing this article, it was very informative, unexpectedly revealing and validating.

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