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silicon valley never fails to attempt to capitalize on literally every aspect of the human experience UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH literally i hate it so much.

on a random note, it's such a weird, niche thing, but i was reading this marvel fanfic and it involves a version of spirituality based around the sanctity of sex and all this stuff. and there's this duo on insta who run @queernature, and the way both of them write is such a balm. overarching point being, i want to get into spirituality and mindfulness more. and reading about tech doing all this nonsense just cements the fact that i should, and i should do it in such a way that divests from capitalistic society entirely.

(here's the fanfic link - it's a really good story if you're into marvel, and is great even without. but the spirituality side of it is just phenomenal. NSFW as hell + polyamory: https://archiveofourown.org/works/19107019/chapters/45401134 )

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I am also woefully ignorant on Lacanian psychology, and so now I will definitely have to dive down that rabbit hole (thanks to both you and Miles!) without any wish to create undue work for you, is there a place where you (or anyone else) recommend I begin? Thanks, as always.

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