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Oof. Absolutely riveting read! I am currently not prescribed any meds for my ADHD (AuDHD), but I’ve been looking into starting. Thank you for gathering stories and beginning to look into this. Thanks for keeping us updated as you learn more!

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Ah! I’ve been off medications for 2 years and finally have insurance again. It’s been over a month of trying to find providers then been told they’re out of network. Was literally supposed to have an appointment right now but it was canceled because I need pre-authorization. Of course when I called insurance to see if this provider was in network they did not tell me my plan needed pre-authorization.

It will be really cool if by the end of all this, the meds I get prescribed don’t work! That’s awful for everyone. Buried in my medicine cabinet are 6 Adderall from my previous prescriptions, stored for emergencies. I’ll at least have something to compare it to.

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I take name brand adderall xr (15mg) and i haven't noticed a difference in it, i cant take the generic tho bc when i tried it fucks me up and was worse than not being on meds.

In addition to adhd i also take it for the daytime symptoms of narcolepsy

I had to take 2 weeks off my adderall last fall for a sleep study, it was awful and took months for my meds to all stabilize back out after going back on, so i am very familiar with the off meds feel atm.

Im curious how much may be related to the shortages and if theres new manufacturing plants/if they're changing or fudging ingredients/quality control dipped intentionally or otherwise. I work in semiconductor manufacturing, my plant is pretty good on caring avout quality, but ive realized so much can be fudged in audits and such with low effort

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